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Fig. 4

From: XingNaoJing, prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, prevents autophagy in experimental stroke by repressing p53-DRAM pathway

Fig. 4

XNJ reduced autophagy of PC12 cells induced by serum-free condition. PC12 cells were treated with serum or serum-free condition for 48 h in the absence or presence of XNJ. a The LC3-positive cells were analyzed using immunofluorescence (upper panel, original magnification, 200×), and comparison of the percentage of LC3-positive cells among the experimental groups was showed (lower panel). b The expression levels of LC3 and p62 were analyzed using Western blot assay (left panel). The density of LC3-II and p62/β-actin band was compared among the experimental groups (right panel). Data are mean ± SEM of values obtained from three independent experiments. *, p < 0.05 compared with serum-free condition

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