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Table 3 Phytochemical tests for P. resinosa methanolic crude extract

From: Antimicrobial and cytotoxicity properties of the crude extracts and fractions of Premna resinosa (Hochst.) Schauer (Compositae): Kenyan traditional medicinal plant

Phytochemicals Methanol extract result
V-T ++++
A-F +++
MK-A ++++
D-A +++
F-P +++
  1. V-T Vanillin test for terpenoids, A-F Ammonia test for Flavonoids, MK-A Methanolic Potassium hydroxide test for Anthraquenones, D-A Dragendorff test for Alkaloids, F-P Ferric Chloride test for Phenols, Absent phytochemicals, + Low concentration of phytochemicals,++ Medium concentration, +++ High concentration of phytochemicals