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Table 1 Primer pairs and conditions of PCR

From: Role of ellagic acid in regulation of apoptosis by modulating novel and atypical PKC in lymphoma bearing mice

Genes with accession no Sequences of primer pairs (F: forward, R: reverse) PCR condition (annealing) No. of cycles Amplicon Size (bp)
PKCδ F: 5′-AGGCCGTGTTATCCAGATTG-3′ 58 °C-40 s 27 426
(NM_011103.3) R: 5′-CGGCCGATAATCTTGTCAAT-3′    
PKCη F: 5′-CAAACTGCGGGGTGAATG-3′ 54 °C-30 s 27 437
(NM_008856.3) R: 5′-TCCGTTCACAAACTCCATGA-3′    
PKCε F: 5′-ACGAGTGTTCAGGGAGCGTA-3′ 58 °C-45 s 27 331
(NM_011104.3) R: 5′-CGTGGGGACCTTGTAGTTGT-3′    
PKCζ F: 5′-TCAAGTGGGTGGACAGTGAA-3′ 57 °C-45 s 30 284
(NM_008860.3) R: 5′-CCATATCCTTTCGCTGCACT-3′    
PKCι F: 5′-GGGACTTTGCAGTGAGGTTC-3′ 56 °C-40 s 28 192
(NM_008857.3) R: 5′-CGCTCTGGTACACATGGAAA-3′    
PKCθ F- 5′-CCAGAAAAAGCCAACCATGT-3′ 57 °C-30 s 35 521
(NM_008859.2) R- 5′-TGGTTTCTCGGCTATTGATTG-3′    
Caspase-3 F- 5′- CAAAGCGCAGTGTCCTGCGG-3′ 61 °C-45 s 28 546
(NM_009810.3) R- 5′- ACCCCGGCAGGCCTGAATGA-3′    
LDH-A F- 5′-ATGCACCCGCCTAAGGTTCTT-3′ 55 °C-30 s 28 103
(NM_010699.2) R- 5′-TGCCTACGAGGTGATCAAGCT-3′    
β-actin F: 5-GTGGGCCGCCCTAGGCACCAG-3′ 56 °C-45 s 27 539