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Table 2 Effect of aqueous flower extract from N. arbor-tristison gastrointestinal and diaphragm glucose uptake, liver and skeletal muscle glycogen content in mice

From: Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities of aqueous extract of flowers from Nycantus arbor-tristis L. in male mice

Parameters Control Treatment
Gastrointestinal absorption of glucose (mg/dl) 18.95 ± 2.85 132.3 ± 16.1*
Diaphragm uptake of glucose (mg/dl) 204.5 ± 66.1 578 ± 83.4*
Glycogen content in the liver (mg/dl) 2.238 ± 0.247 2.643 ± 0.284
Glycogen content in skeletal muscle (mg/dl) 0.523 ± 0.091 0.419 ± 0.076
  1. The data are given as mean ± S.EM (n = 9). Values are statistically significant at *p < 0.05. Control group was given distilled water while test group was given 500 mg/kg of the extract. To measure diaphragm glucose uptake, and glycogen content in liver and skeletal muscles, mice were treated for 30 days. For measurement of intestinal glucose absorption, mice were treated with acute doses. The data was analyzed by parametric method-ANOVA