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Fig. 2 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 2

From: Phytochemical capacity of Nitraria retusa leaves extracts inhibiting growth of melanoma cells and enhancing melanogenesis of B16F10 melanoma

Fig. 2

DNA electrophoretic profiles of B16-F10 cells treated with different concentrations of Hex (hexane), Chl (chloroform), EA (ethyl acetate) and MeOH (methanol) extracts during 48 h h. DNA was separated on 1.5 % agarose gel. a PC: B16-F10 cell DNA; DNA of cells treated with b Hex 340 μg/assay Hex extract, c 170 μg/assay Hex extract, d 85 μg/assay Hex extract, e 80 μg/assay Chl extract, f 40 μg/assay Chl extract, g 20 μg/assay Chl extract, h 50 μg/assay EA extract, i 25 μg/assay EA extract, j 12.5 μg/assay EA extract, k 1000 μg/assay MeOH extract, l 500 μg/assay MeOH extract, m 250 μg/assay MeOH extract

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