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Fig. 4 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 4

From: Paecilomycies japonica reduces repeated nicotine-induced neuronal and behavioral activation in rats

Fig. 4

Expression of TH in the VTA of rat brain after systemic injections of nicotine with PJ. Expression of TH in the VTA after systemic injections of saline repeated nicotine or repeated nicotine with PJ. Representative images are displayed (a). The scale bars represent 100 μm. The number of TH-positive neurons in the VTA (b). * Significant difference from saline-treated value (only shown for nicotine-treated) ***, P < 0.001, # Significant difference from nicotine-treated value ##, P < 0.01; ###, P < 0.001. a; saline, b; nicotine, c; PJ10 + nicotine, d; PJ25 + nicotine, e; PJ50 + nicotine, f; PJ100 + nicotine, g; PJ200 + nicotine

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