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Fig. 3

From: Paecilomycies japonica reduces repeated nicotine-induced neuronal and behavioral activation in rats

Fig. 3

Expression of c-Fos in the striatum of rat brain after systemic injections of nicotine with PJ. Expression of c-Fos in the striatum after systemic injections of saline repeated nicotine with PJ. Representative images are displayed (a). The scale bars represent 100 μm and 200 μm. The number of c-Fos cells in the striatum measured (b). * Significant difference from saline-treated value (only shown for nicotine-treated) ***, P < 0.001, # Significant difference from nicotine-treated value ###, P < 0.001. a; saline, b; nicotine, c; PJ10 + nicotine, d; PJ25 + nicotine, e; PJ50 + nicotine, f; PJ100 + nicotine, g; PJ200 + nicotine

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