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Table 2 Validity assessment of the STRICTA 2010 on content integrity*

From: STRICTA: is it time to do more?

Item No. Item Satisfaction of STRICTA 2010
1 Brief name Yes
Provide the name or a phrase that describes the intervention
2 Why Yes
Describe any rationale, theory, or goal of the elements essential to the intervention
3 What (materials) Yes
Describe any physical or informational materials used in the intervention, including those provided to participants or used in intervention delivery or in training of intervention providers. Provide information on where the materials can be accessed (such as online appendix, URL)
4 What (procedures) Yes
Describe each of the procedures, activities, and/or processes used in the intervention, including any enabling or support activities
5 Who provided Yes
For each category of intervention provider (e.g. psychologist, nursing assistant), describe their expertise, background and any specific training given
6 How No
Describe the modes of delivery (e.g. face-to-face or by some other mechanism, such as internet or telephone) of the intervention and whether it was provided individually or in a group
7 Where Yes
Describe the type(s) of location(s) where the intervention occurred, including any necessary infrastructure or relevant features
8 When and how much Yes
Describe the number of times the intervention was delivered and over what period of time including the number of sessions, their schedule, and their duration, intensity or dose
9 Tailoring Yes
If the intervention was planned to be personalised, titrated or adapted, then describe what, why, when, and how
10 Modifications No
If the intervention was modified during the course of the study, describe the changes (what, why, when, and how)
11 How well (planned) No
If intervention adherence or fidelity was assessed, describe how and by whom, and if any strategies were used to maintain or improve fidelity, describe them
12 How well (actual) No
If intervention adherence or fidelity was assessed, describe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned
  1. *Structured according to the Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) [23]
  2. Not applicable to a protocol