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Table 1 Validity assessment of the STRICTA 2010 on reporting guidelines development process

From: STRICTA: is it time to do more?

Step Item No. Item Satisfaction of STRICTA 2010
Initial steps 1 Identify the need for a guideline Yes
2 Review the literature Yes
3 Obtain funding for the guideline initiative Yes
Pre-meeting activities 4 Identify participants Yes
5 Conduct a Delphi exercise No
6 Generate a list of items for consideration at the face-to-face meeting No
7 Prepare for the face-to-face meeting No
Face-to-face consensus meeting itself 8 Present and discuss results of pre-meeting activities and relevant evidence No
Post-meeting activities 9 Develop the guidance statement Yes
10 Develop an explanatory document (E&E) Yes
11 Develop a publication strategy Yes
Post-publication activities 12 Seek and deal with feedback and criticism Yes
13 Encourage guideline endorsement Yes
14 Support adherence to the guideline No
15 Evaluate the impact of the reporting guidance No
16 Develop Web site Yes
17 Translate guideline Yes
18 Update guideline No
  1. Structured according to the EQUATOR Guidance for Developers of Health Research Reporting Guidelines [21]
  2. E&E: explanation and elaboration