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Fig. 1

From: Gambogenic acid alters chemosensitivity of breast cancer cells to Adriamycin

Fig. 1

Growth inhibitory effect and combination index (CI) of ADR and/or GNA on MCF-7/ADR and parental MCF-7 cell lines. a Cellular inhibition rates were determined using the MTT assay. MCF-7/ADR cells were treated with various concentrations of ADR and GNA for 72 h. The group of MCF-7 cells was used as the control group. b Two cell lines were treated with ADR and various concentrations of GNA for 72 h. The cells treated with ADR alone were used as a control. c The IC50 values of two cell lines, which were treated with ADR and different concentrations of GNA, were measured using the MTT assay. According to the experimental results, the modulatory concentrations were as follows: GNA1:0.078125 μg/ml, GNA2:0.15625 μg/ml, and GNA3:0.3125 μg/ml. d The CI of the two drugs was determined using the Chou-Talalay method. CI < 1 indicates a synergistic effect. The data were presented as the means ± SD of three independent experiments. (** P < 0.01 and * P < 0.05)

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