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Table 1 The reduction in the RSV and HSV-1 titers after MBS extract treatment. The virus titer was obtained by EPTT to determine the virus titer in (TCID50/ml)

From: Novel antiviral activity of mung bean sprouts against respiratory syncytial virus and herpes simplex virus −1: an in vitro study on virally infected Vero and MRC-5 cell lines

Virus Virus titer before treatment Virus titer after treatment aVirus titer reduction bReduction factor
RSV 3.16 × 10−3 1.422 × 10−2 1 log 2.22 × 10
HSV-1 5.01 × 10−3 8.97 × 10−1 2 log 0.55 × 102
  1. Note: aVirus titer reduction: the extract is considered active if the virus titer was reduced by 2 log. bReduction factor (RF): virus titer in the absence of drug over virus titer in the presence of drug. RF ≥ 103 strong antiviral activity, RF = 102 moderate antiviral activity and RF =101 slight antiviral activity