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Table 1 Therapeutic properties of Rauvolfia serpentina extracts reported for various diseases. Disease details include simple name of the disease and its broad classification. Citations for disease associations are provided in Additional file 2

From: SerpentinaDB: a database of plant-derived molecules of Rauvolfia serpentina

S. No. Disease name Disease type S. No. Disease name Disease type
1 Cancer Immunological 15 Pneumonia Pathological
2 Leukemia Immunological 16 Asthma Immunological
3 AIDS Immunological 17 Rheumatism Immunological
4 Diabetes mellitus Digestive 18 Anasarca Epidermal
5 Hypolipidemia Digestive 19 Helminthiasis Pathological: Parasitic
6 Alzheimer’s disease Neurological 20 Cholera Pathological: Bacterial
7 Schizophrenia Neurological 21 Cardiac arrhythmia Circulatory
8 Skin cancer Immunological 22 Diarrhea Pathological
9 Prostate cancer Immunological 23 Tachycardia Circulatory
10 Hypertension Circulatory 24 Supraventricular tachysystole Circulatory
11 Fever Infectious 25 Thyrotoxicosis Immunological
12 Insect bite Infectious 26 Allergy Immunological
13 Dysentery Digestive 27 Meningitis Pathological
14 Malaria Pathological: Parasitic 28 Encephalitic psychosis Pathological