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Table 2 Significantly Changed Genes (different doses common raised) Mapped to KEGG Pathways

From: Uygur Medicine Xipayi Kui Jie’an Affects Gene Expression profiles in intestinal tissue Lesions in a Rat Model of Ulcerative Colitis

Pathway Count p-Value q-Value Gene
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 13 9.35E-12 6.95E-11 Cdh1;RT1-N3;Cd8a;Jam3;Itgb7;Cd274;Cldn5;Cd8b;
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 12 8.04E-11 3.78E-10 Rac2;RT1-N3;Ptpn6;Lck;Grb2;Zap70;Icam2;H2-T24;
Focal adhesion 13 1.61E-10 6.43E-10 Rac2;Fn1;Col5a1;Grb2;Itgb7;Fn1;Col1a2;Col1a1;
Complement and coagulation cascades 9 3.42E-10 1.27E-09 C1qb;C4b
ECM-receptor interaction 8 1.55E-08 3.84E-08 Fn1;Col5a1;Itgb7;Fn1;Col1a2;Col1a1;Col4a2;
Leukocyte transendothelial migration 9 4.12E-08 8.92E-08 Rac2;Jam3;Cldn5;Thy1;Itgam;Itgb2;Cxcr4;Myl9;Cldn4
Primary immunodeficiency 6 6.53E-08 1.36E-07 Cd8a;Ciita;Lck;Zap70;Rfxap;Cd8b
Arachidonic acid metabolism 6 1.61E-06 2.61E-06 Ephx2;Cyp2j4;Gpx3;Ptgs1;Pla2g10;Cbr1
Systemic lupus erythematosus 8 2.56E-06 4.04E-06 C1qb;C4b;C1qa;C1r;C1s;C2;C6;Fcgr3
Antigen processing and presentation 7 2.92E-06 4.22E-06 RT1-N3;Cd8a;Ciita;Rfxap;Cd8b;H2-T24;Cd74
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 9 5.00E-06 7.03E-06 Cfl1;LOC688430;Rac2;Fn1;Pip4k2a;Itgb7;Fn1;
T cell receptor signaling pathway 6 6.53E-05 7.54E-05 Cd8a;Ptpn6;Lck;Grb2;Zap70;Cd8b
Hematopoietic cell lineage 5 1.02E-04 1.09E-04 Cd8a;Csf1r;Anpep;Cd8b;Itgam
Axon guidance 6 1.25E-04 1.30E-04 Cfl1;LOC688430;Rac2;Slit3;Fes;Cxcr4
Small cell lung cancer 5 2.92E-04 2.62E-04 Fn1;Nos3;Fn1;Col4a2;Col4a1;Ccnd1
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) 3 7.92E-04 6.44E-04 Pck1;Aco1;Acly