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Table 3 Categories and subcategories during the 8 weeks of treatment

From: Quality of life, sense of coherence and experiences with three different treatments in patients with psychological distress in primary care: a mixed-methods study

Categories Subcategories IT TA CT
To be heading back Improved recovery x x -
Relief from emotional symptoms x x x
Relief from physical symptoms x x x
More energy x x x
Stimulated cognitive ability x x -
Increased self-awareness x x x
Changed view on life x x x
Help to self-help x x x
Status quo Nothing changed x x x
Feeling confirmed Being taken seriously x x -
Pleased with treatment x x -
Feeling abandoned Lack of treatment - - x
Increased emotional and physical symptoms - - x
  1. IT: Integrative treatment, TA: Therapeutic acupuncture, CT: Conventional treatment.