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Figure 4

From: Simultaneous quantification and antiatherosclerosis effect of the traditional Korean medicine, Hwangryunhaedok-tang

Figure 4

Effects of HHT and its five components on Cu2+-induced LDL oxidation. Indicated concentrations of samples and LDLs were incubated with CuSO4 for 6 h at 37°C. The TBARS levels (A: HHT, B: five components) and electrophoretic mobility (C: HHT, D: five components) of LDLs were measured by using a TBARS assay kit and agarose gel electrophoresis, respectively. Geniposide (1), baicalin (2), coptisine (3), palmatine (4), and berberine (5). The data are mean values of three experiments ± SEM (n = 3). ** P < 0.01 compared with the oxLDL group.

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