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Table 3 Abstinence rates at 4- and 24-weeks post-quit

From: Mindfulness training for smokers via web-based video instruction with phone support: a prospective observational study

Intent-to-treat analysis (n = 26)
  4-week point prevalence 23.1%
  24-week point-prevalence 15.4%
  4-week continuous 15.4%
  24-week continuous 7.7%
Completer analysis (n = 20)
  4-week point prevalence 30.0%
  24-week point-prevalence 20.0%
  4-week continuous 20.0%
  24-week continuous 10.0%
  1. Intent-to-Treat Analysis: Includes all subjects enrolled in the MTSO.
  2. Completer Analysis: Includes only those subjects who self-reported a quit attempt on the quit day.
  3. Point Prevalence Abstinence: CO < 7 ppm plus no cigarettes for last 7 days on TLFB.
  4. Continuous Abstinence: CO < 7 ppm plus no cigarettes on TLFB plus statement of no cigarettes since the Quit Day.
  5. Those who did not attend the assessment visit were recorded as smoking every day.