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Table 3 The understanding and expectations of patients pre-trial

From: Experiences of healing therapy in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease

Theme Sub-theme Code Examples from patients
Understanding of Healing Little understanding   “I didn’t really know what I was going into” P1 M IBS
“I don’t know [anything about healing]” P2 F IBS
“No, the only thing was what I read in the mail [newspaper]” P16 M UC
Awareness of healing Recommendation “I have worked with a girl that used to be a beautician and she suggested different things…when Dr [name] mentioned it, I thought I would like to try it” P12 F UC
Previous knowledge or experience “I am in the industry myself and that helps” P10 M UC
“I have done Reiki in the past” P18 M IBS
“I have had Reiki once before” P20 F IBS
Expectation of Healing Scepticism   “I must admit I was pretty much sceptical about it” P1 M IBS
“I didn’t think it could heal you or anything like that” P19 F UC
“Being realistic I know that nothing is going to cure it” P17 F UC
Unsure of what to expect No idea “I didn’t know what to expect” P2 F IBS
“I didn’t really know, know what to expect before” P6 F IBS
“I didn’t know what to expect” P13 F IBS
“I wasn’t hoping it would heal me because that would be a miracle” P14 F UC
Openness Open to it “I came in with an open mind” P19 F CD
“I went into it with an open mind…because I just wanted to see what would happen” P20 F IBS
Some benefit Being more calm or relaxed “It has been [being relaxed has been achieved]” P5 F UC
“I think my stress may be [helped]” P16 M UC
Sleep better “To sleep a bit better than I did” P13 F IBS
Hope that it could help “If there was a benefit then it would help to relieve the symptoms” P18 M IBS
“What I really wanted was to come off the tablets” P21 F IBS
Was told it would be beneficial “She [a friend who was a therapist] said you need healing a lot” P15 F IBS