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Table 2 The thematic development illustrating key stages when themes were changed (details and content from each stage is available from the primary author)

From: Experiences of healing therapy in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease

Themes 1 Themes 2 Themes 3   Themes 4 Themes 5
Descriptions of acute change after sessions Understanding of illness and healing Bio psychosocial impact and outcomes of healing New Interview Schedule Generated (see Additional file 1) Perception of Healing Understanding and expectations of Healing
Descriptions of acute change during sessions Preparation for sessions Bio psychosocial impact of illness on patient Bio-psychosocial impact of illness on the patient  
Symptom changes Immersing in the Healing environment Preparation, experiences and reflection on healing Experiences and reflection on healing Experiences and reflection on Healing
Factors attributed to the illness Transference   Impact and outcome of healing Impact and outcome of Healing
Cognitive changes     
Perception of healing     
Getting used to healing     
Understanding the disease