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Table 4 Final CAM reach intervention protocol

From: Intervention development for integration of conventional tobacco cessation interventions into routine CAM practice

Intervention component Description
CAMR training workshop 7 hour, in-person continuing education workshop (7 CEUs)
Practice patient/system change visit 1 hour in-office visit to conduct practice patient assessment and help implement office system changes (1 CEU)
Patient education materials 10 brochures:
Tobacco and Your Body: Surprising things that you may not know; Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke: Surprising things that you need to know; Thinking of Quitting Tobacco? We Can Help; Medications that Help with Quitting Tobacco; The Personal Quit Plan; Simple Quit Plan; Quit Line brochure; Helpers Brochure (for those wishing to help others quit tobacco); Roadmap for Quitting Tobacco; Benefits of Quitting Timeline
Practice support materials Display posters, intake form stickers, chart stickers, brochure holders
7 different display posters, stickers with tobacco screening questions for intake forms, chart stickers (to signify tobacco users). Display posters depicted a variety of people with text encouraging patients/clients to ask their practitioner about quitting tobacco or second hand smoke, e.g. “Ask your [practitioner type] about quitting tobacco”, and “Got pain? Did you know that quitting tobacco can help? Ask us how”.