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Table 1 List of Rhododendron species with the highest antimicrobial activities against Gram-positive bacteria

From: Phylogenetic spectrum and analysis of antibacterial activities of leaf extracts from plants of the genus Rhododendron

Genebank-no.* Species name Section Sub-section
100.345 R. ferrugineum L. Rhododendron Rhododendron
100.007 R. ambiguum Hemsley Rhododendron Triflora
2006/232 R. anthopogon Don ssp. anthopogon Betty Graham Pogonanthum -
NA R. hirsutum L. Rhododendron Rhododendron
100.906 R. anthopogon ssp. hypenanthum Bale. F. & Cullen Pogonanthum -
100.326 R. concinnum Hemsley Rhododendron Triflora
100.881 R. sichotense Pojarkova Rhododendron Rhodorastra
100.322 R. cinnabarinum Hooker Rhododendron Cinnabarina
NA R. racemosum Franchet Rhododendron Scabrifolia
100.882 R. ledebourii Pojarkova Rhododendron Rhodorastra
100.404 R. rubiginosum Franchet Rhododendron Heliolepida
100.474 R. xanthostephanum Merrill Rhododendron Tephropepla
101.048 R. myrtifolium Schott & Kotschy Rhododendron Rhododendron
100.370 R. minus Michaux Rhododendron Caroliniana
100.392 R. polycladum Franchet Rhododendron Lapponica
100.464 R. spinuliferum Franchet Rhododendron Scabrifolia
100.353 R. hippophaeoides var. hippophaeoides Hutchinson Rhododendron Lapponica
  1. *Gene bank numbers used in the collection of the Rhododendron-Park Bremen.
  2. NA: Not a plant of the German Genebank Rhododendron but a verified plant of the Rhododendron-Park Bremen.