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Figure 4

From: Danqi Pill regulates lipid metabolism disorder induced by myocardial ischemia through FATP-CPTI pathway

Figure 4

The myocardial concentration of PPARα, RXR, NR2C2 and P450. The results showed that the levels of PPARα and RXR decreased compared with sham-operated group. The level of NR2C2 increased significantly. A reduction level of P450 was observed in the model group. In DQP group, PPARα-RXR pathway was up-regulated, together with decreased level of NR2C2. P450 level was also increased. Pravastatin had similar efficacy on all these indicators as DQP, except for PPARα.*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. Levels in the model group were used as reference to calculate P values.

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