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Table 4 Qualitative analysis of phytochemicals in Maesa macrophylla leaf extract

From: The in vitro cytotoxic activity of ethno-pharmacological important plants of Darjeeling district of West Bengal against different human cancer cell lines

Phytochemical Detection system Observation Result
Coumarin 365 nm Blue spot +
Flavonoids 5% AlCl3 Yellow spot +
Tannin 2% FeCl3 Greenish Black spot +
Saponin 10% Vanillin (Ethanol) Violet and yellow +
Monoterpene alcohol, Bitter principle saponin Vanillin-H2SO4 Blue +
Triterpene and steroid Lieberman-Buchard’s reagent Brown and yellow spots +
  1. + tested positive for phytochemicals.