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Table 1 List of plants screened for cytotoxicity with their ethnomedicinal uses in Darjeeling district*

From: The in vitro cytotoxic activity of ethno-pharmacological important plants of Darjeeling district of West Bengal against different human cancer cell lines

S. no. Botanical name Voucher number Family Local name Type Part used Local medicinal uses
1 Acmella calva (DC.) Jansen DJ0092 Asteraceae Kalijhar Herb Flower, inflorescenc Toothache, decay, mouth sore
2 Aconogonon molle (D. Don) Hara DJ0099 Polygonaceae Thotney Shrub Young shoot Astringent
3 Acorus calamus L. DJ0049 Araceae Bojho Herb Root/Rhizome Vermifuge, fever antispasmodic, Insect repellent Paste prepared from dried or fresh rhizomes is applied on forehead during fever. Powder made fromdried rhizomes is administered orally in case of fever, bronchitis
4 Artemisia indica Willd. DJ0093 Asteraceae Titey pati Herb Leaves & Young Shoot Use in Skin diseases, asthma, anthelminthic, stomachic, purgative, antispasmodic and amoebic dysentery
5 Astilbe rivularis Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don DJ0077 Saxifragaceae Buriokahti Herb Leaves/roots/Rhizome Diarrhea, dysentery, blood purifier Root’s juice or pieces are taken orally during diarrhoea or dysentery
6 Bauhinia vahlii Wight & Arnott DJ0091 Caesalpiniaceae Verla Climber Seeds bark leaves Seeds used as tonic, aphrodisiac, leaves demulcent, bark is useful in skin disease, diarrhea
7 Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) Sternb. DJ0076 Saxifragaceae Pakhanbed Herb Root & rhizome Tonic, fever, boils, astringent
8 Callicarpa arborea Roxb. DJ0090 Lamiaceae Guahelo Shrub Bark & root The bark juice is given to treat fever. The root is chewed in cases of boils on the gums
9 Cedrella toona DJ0057 Meliaceae Toonee Tree Bark, fruit, leaf, flower It is useful in chronic dysentery, ulcer, leprosy, cures fever, headache, blood complaints, cardiotonic, aphrodisiac, anthelmentic; good for scabis and expectorant
10 Cinchona succirubra Pav. ex Klotzsch DJ0096 Rubiaceae Kulain Shrub Trunk & Stem bark Malaria fever, neuralgia, sciatica
11 Costus speciosus DJ0102 Costaceae Betlaure Herb Root Useful in fever, bronchitis, anemia, rheumatism and diabetic
12 Dichroa febrifuga Lour. DJ0073 Hydrangeaceae Basak Shrub Roots& Leaves Fever, malaria
13 Drymaria cordata (L.) Willd. ex Schult DJ0100 Caryophyllaceae Abhijal Herb Whole plant Above ground parts-steamed and smelled during sinus trouble. Plant paste for fever, cold and cough also used for dog bites, headache
14 Equisetum debile Roxb. DJ0071 Equisetaceae Kurkure Jhar Herb Aerial part Clotting agent used in wound, nose bleeding & bleeding of urinary tract
15 Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng./ 6084 DJ0054 Asteraceae Kalo banmara Herb Leaf Uses in external cut and wound
16 Eupatorium odoratum L. DJ0089 Asteraceae Kalijhar Herb Aerial part Clotting agent used in wound, nose bleeding & bleeding of urinary tract
17 Fagopyrum dibotrys (D. Don) Hara DJ0097 Polygonaceae Ban phapar Herb Fruit & Grains Diet in colic, used in lungs infection and pulmonary abscess
18 Hypericum uralum Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don DJ0072 Hypericaceae Urilo Herb Shoot, flower & seeds Uses in wound and bruise. Also used as Stimulant
19 Maesa macrophyla DJ0056 Myrsinaceae Boghati   Bark, fruit, leaf Uses in tonsillitis, malarila fever, scabis, diphtheria
20 Mesua ferrea DJ0091 Nageeswari Nageeswari Shrub Bark Uses various skin diseases (mostly poxes)& in menstrual disorder
21 Oscbekia nepalensis DJ0083 Melastomataceae Angeri Shrub Young leaf or tender shoot Pneumonia, fever, common cold
22 Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis (Hardw.) Mabb. DJ0095 Acanthaceae Chuwa Shrub Leaf bark & inflorescence Liver cirrhosis, body ache, piles, dysentery
23 Pteris biaurita L. DJ0067 Pteridaceae Thadey unew Herb Stem, leaf stalk Bleeding and infection and dysentery
24 Rumex nepalensis Spreng. DJ0081 Polygonaceae Halhaley Herb Root Root dried or fresh extract used orally in hepatitis, loss of hair, also plant used as dyes
25 Selaginella monospora DJ0059 Selaginellaceae   Shrub Leaves Prevents cough, bleeding piles, gravel aminorrhoea
26 Smilax zeylanica L. DJ0087 Smilacaceae Kukur Shrub Thorny climber Used in Urinary complaints and dysentery Roots are taken as tonic
27 Solanum torvum Sw. DJ0066 Solanaceae Jungali bihi Herb Leaves Toothache and jaundice
28 Stephania glabra (Roxb.) Miers DJ0086 Menispermaceae Taubarkey Climber Root bulb Powder used in diabetes, tuberculosis, asthma, fever
29 Tetradium fraxinifolium (Hook.f.) T.G. Hartley DJ0082 Rutaceae Khanakpa Tree Fruits, leaves Gastritis, hepatic disorder, dysentery, Indigestion, skin disease
30 Thysanolaena latifolia (Roxb. ex Horn.) Honda DJ0065 Poaceae Amliso Shrub Young shoots & fresh root Tonsillitis, boils, abortion, mouth wash skin diseases
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