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Table 2 Criteria, research questions and corresponding themes in data analysis

From: Appropriateness and acceptability of a Tele-Yoga intervention for people with heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: qualitative findings from a controlled pilot study

Criterion Research question(s) Corresponding themes
Appropriateness of the intervention How well was the intervention aligned with patient needs? Patients’ well-being, symptoms and function
Acceptability of the intervention How acceptable was the intervention to participants? What challenges arose for intervention participants? Experiences of taking part in Tele-Yoga
Did participants continue to practice what they learnt?
Potential active ingredients of the intervention What aspects of the intervention were reported to have therapeutic benefit, and why? Reported effects of the intervention
Acceptability of the control Was the control group considered acceptable? Usefulness of the education materials
Views about being in the control group
Appropriateness of the control Did the control group intervention have any effect which might confound effects of the yoga intervention? Effect of the control on participant coping
Participation in the research What motivated participants to take part in research of this nature? Participants’ motivations for participation
What expectations did participants bring when they consented to participate? Participants’ expectations of participation
Acceptability of the testing procedures Were the testing procedures acceptable to participants? Perceptions of measures and home physiological testing