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Figure 4 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 4

From: Anti-fibrotic effect of Holothuria arenicola extract against bile duct ligation in rats

Figure 4

Histological study of picrosirius red -stained liver sections (200×) of Sham, BDL andHolothuria arenicolaextract (HaE) treated rats. Rats were grouped: group 1, rats treated for 7 days; group 2, rats treated for 14 days and group 3, rats treated for 28 days. Liver sections from: (A) Control (Sham operated) rats; (B) bile duct-ligated rats; (C) bile duct-ligated rats and treated with Holothuria arenicola extract (HaE). Arrows indicated collagen deposition stained by picrosirius red.

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