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Figure 1 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 1

From: Anti-carcinogenic effects of the phenolic-rich extract from abnormal Savda Munziq in association with its cytotoxicity, apoptosis-inducing properties and telomerase activity in human cervical cancer cells (SiHa)

Figure 1

Morphologic changes of Siha cells treated with phenolic rich extracts of ASMq and inhibition of the cell growth of phenolic rich extracts of ASMq on Siha cells. A: Cells were incubated with varying concentrations of phenolic rich extracts of ASMq for 48 h, observed and photographed with an inverted microscope. (magnification × 200). B Inhibitory effect of ASMp on proliferation of of Siha cells in dose-dependent manner and time dependent manner. Mean absorbance observed in the MTT assay after treatment of 24, 48 72 h and 96 h with 75 ug/ml, 100 ug/ml, 125 ug/ml and 150 ug/ml of ASMqp. Growth inhibition was calculated relative to negative control, and the data represents the mean ± SE of three experiments each conducted in triplicate.

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