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Table 1 List of plants screened in the study.

From: Studies of the in vitro anticancer, antimicrobial and antioxidant potentials of selected Yemeni medicinal plants from the island Soqotra

Plant Voucher specimen no. Family Part tested Traditional usesa
Acacia pennivenia* Schweinf. Mo-Sq28 Mimosaceae L As a paste around the breast for women with mastitis
Acanthospermum hispidum DC. Mo-Sq10 Astraceae L Unknown
Acridocarpus socotranus* Oliv. Mo-Sq16 Malpighiaceae L, S Headaches, paralysis and muscle or tendon pain
Aloe perryi* Baker Mo-Sq9 Aloaceae R For eye and stomach problems, constipation and malaria
Ballochia atro-virgata* Balf.f. Mo-Sq15 Acanthaceae S, L Unknown
Blepharis spiculifolia* Balf.f. Mo-Sq13 Acanthaceae L, S Unknown
Boswellia dioscorides* Thulin & Gifri Mo-Sq26 Burseraceae B Common cold, bronchitis, asthma and rheumatism
Boswellia socotrana* Balf.f. Mo-Sq24 Burseraceae B As Boswellia dioscorides
Capparis cartilaginea Decne. Mo-Sq8 Capparaceae L To treat itching, shortness of breath, head cold and for tumors
Commiphora ornifolia* (Balf.f.) Gillett Mo-Sq23 Burseraceae B Antiseptic, diarrhea, dysentery and emmenagogue
Corchorus erodioides* Balf.f. Mo-Sq27 Tiliaceae L, F Diuretic and urinary tract infections
Croton socotranus* Balf.f. Mo-Sq4 Euphorbiaceae L, T For wounds
Euclea divinorum Hiern Mo-Sq1 Ebenaceae R For oral care, tooth ache, fungal diseases, sores, wounds and abscesses
Euphorbia socotrana* Balf.f. Mo-Sq5 Euphorbiaceae L For skin diseases and wounds
Eureiandra balfourii* Cogn. Mo-Sq3 Cucurbitaceae L Unknown
Ficus cordata Thunb. Mo-Sq4 Moraceae L Antiseptic and for ulcers and wounds
Glossonema revoili Franch. Mo-Sq29 Asclepiadaceae L, F Increase milk production in breastfeeding women
Hibiscus noli-tangere* A.G.Mill. Mo-Sq30 Malvaceae L, R For snake bite and fever in children
Hypoestes pubescens* Balf.f. Mo-Sq12 Acanthaceae L Fungal skin diseases and scabies
Lannea transulta* (Balf.f.) Radcl.-Sm. Mo-Sq17 Anacardiaceae L Haemostatic for wounds, and sores and abrasions
Leucas samhaensis* Cortes-Burns & A.G.Mill. Mo-Sq23 Labiatae L For cough and cold
Leucas virgata* Balf.f. Mo-Sq21 Labiatae L For persons with heartburn and indigestion and stomach problems
Lycium sokotranum* Wagner & Vierh. Mo-Sq20 Solanaceae L, S For stomach ailments and encourage the wound healing
Maerua angolensis DC. Mo-Sq7 Capparaceae L To treat fever, aches and general malaise
Rhus thyrsiflora* Balf.f. Mo-Sq18 Anacardiaceae T, L To treat anorexia, general tonic and for painful joints
Teucrium sokotranum* Vierh. Mo-Sq22 Labiatae F, L As flavoring agent and for indigestion
  1. * endemic plant, B: Bark, F: Flower, L: Leaves, R: Roots or rhizomes, S: Stems, T: Fruits
  2. a Most of the information of traditional use has been taken from [2] and native people.