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Table 1 Acupuncture Treatment protocol

From: Acupuncture in acute herpes zoster pain therapy (ACUZoster) – design and protocol of a randomised controlled trial

AcuPoint Traditional Name Indication (acc. to TCM)
Obligatory basic points applied with electrical stimulation
   LI 4 He Gu pain; skin diseases; restlessness; inflammation; head affections
   LI 11 Qu Chi strengthen the immune system; pain; skin diseases; restlessness; inflammations
   dependent on the primary diagnostic pattern either   
   LR 3 Tai Chong headache; psychosomatic symptoms with stress and restlessness; muscular tension; spasmolytic
   GB 34 Yang Ling Quan pain and tension in muscles and tendons
   SP 10 Xue Hai immunmodulatoric effect; skin diseases
   BL 40 Wei Zhong skin diseases; local burning and heat symptoms
Obligatory basic points (electrical stimulation optional)
   Points on the meridian system corresponding to the primary diagnostic pattern (at least 2)
   Segmental points (standard segmental points e.g. Huatuo or BL points, as well as Ah Shi points, at least 2)
   Local points (at least 4)
Facultative points can be chosen according to diagnosis and/or symptoms
   Standard acupuncture points, Ah Shi points, Microsystempoints (e.g. ear), myofascial triggerpoints