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Figure 3

From: Inhibition of HIV-1 entry by extracts derived from traditional Chinese medicinal herbal plants

Figure 3

Effect of the extracts on syncytia formation in HIV-1-infected Jurkat cells. Jurkat cells were infected with HIV-1 and then exposed to the extracts at 10 μg/ml, 0.1% DMSO, or 5 μM AZT. Syncytia in each of these treatments were counted from 4 random fields from each one of the triplicate samples under a light microscope over the course of 2 weeks infection. The data represented the number of syncytia at day 7 post infection when the maximal number of syncytia was recorded in the infections receiving no treatments (None) or DMSO. Jurkat cells without HIV-1 infection were included as a control (Mock). The data were mean ± SEM of triplicate experiments.

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