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Figure 1

From: Inhibition of HIV-1 entry by extracts derived from traditional Chinese medicinal herbal plants

Figure 1

Effects of the extracts from TXE and VAD on HIV replication and cell survival. Jurkat cells were infected with HIV-1 HXB2 and then exposed to the extracts 24 hr post infection. Fresh extracts were added every other day. Meanwhile, culture supernatants were collected for the RT activity assay (A), and aliquots of cells were stained with trypan blue dye and counted for viable cells (B). DMSO was the solvent of the extracts and included as a negative control, while AZT was included as a positive control. In addition, Jurkat cells without HIV infection [Ctrl, (-HIV)] and Jurkat cells with HIV infection but without any treatments [Ctrl, (+HIV)] were also included. These data were representative of three independent experiments.

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