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Table 2 Self-Perceived Awareness Changes (% 'agree' or 'agree strongly' at six months follow-up)

From: The potential of complementary and alternative medicine in promoting well-being and critical health literacy: a prospective, observational study of shiatsu

  Austria Spain UK
Overall Effects    
I feel more confident about my health 87 80 79
General Awareness    
I feel more able to help myself 69 87 83
I am more in touch with my emotions 60 70 57
I think about things differently 68 64 63
My understanding and experience of my body have changed 82 66 72
Attitudinal and Personal    
I feel more hopeful that my problems can be helped 76 81 83
I am more able to cope with things 68 77 70
I feel I have developed as a person 67 61 52