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Table 5 Summary of study results for harms

From: Bach Flower Remedies for psychological problems and pain: a systematic review

Author, Year Campanini 1997[29] Armstrong and Ernst 2001[18] Walach et. al. 2001[19] Pintov et. al. 2005[20] Howard 2007[8] Halberstein et. al. 2007[3]
Study design Case series Placebo-controlled RCT Placebo-controlled RCT Placebo-controlled trial Case series RCT
N 115 100 61 40 41 111
Adverse Events No AEs BFRs group:
3 AEs:
Skin eruptions
1 reported AE
not specified
Not reported Not reported No AEs
   Placebo group
3 AEs:
Vomiting before the examination
Hayfever symptoms
Depressive mood
  1. AEs: Adverse Events