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Table 5 Characteristics of those quoted*

From: The use of biomedicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and ethnomedicine for the treatment of epilepsy among people of South Asian origin in the UK

Name Gender Age Religion Occupation Lives with
Amjad M 25 Muslim Unskilled Parents + other siblings and their families
Asifa F 28 Muslim Professional/clerical Husband + children + mother
Banares M 27 Muslim Unemployed Wife + parents + siblings
Bhupinder F 46 Sikh Professional/Managerial Spouse + children + extended
Iqbal M 35 Muslim Unemployed Spouse + children + extended
Khalida F 56 Muslim Professional Husband + children
Mohammed M 24 Muslim Student Grandparents and other members of extended family
Razia F 31 Muslim Housewife Husband + children
Sachdev M 19 Sikh Unemployed Parents + siblings
Saleem M 32 Muslim Unskilled manual Spouse + children + extended
Santosh M 42 Hindu Unskilled manual Spouse only
Sara F 34 Muslim Housewife Husband +children
Shanaz F 28 Muslim Housewife Husband + children + in laws
Shazad M 23 Muslim Unemployed Parents + siblings
Yaqoob M 39 Muslim Unemployed Wife + parents
  1. * Names and precise details have been changed to preserve anonymity.