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Table 4 Summary of the Interview Topic Guide

From: The use of biomedicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and ethnomedicine for the treatment of epilepsy among people of South Asian origin in the UK

Topic heading Interviewer prompts
Nature of the study Consent and confidentiality procedures: research aims
Personal information about informant Demographics: household composition: family networks: length of time in UK: languages used.
Understandings about epilepsy Diagnosis: beliefs about cause: impact on life: other health problems: knowledge of any other persons with epilepsy
Impact on lifestyle and relationships Reactions of others – family/job/community: impact on what you can do: impact on mood: sources of support
Understandings about seizures Frequency: severity: changes over time: triggers for seizures: reactions of others.
Experience of treatment provision Language problems: medications: who would/do you go to for help: use of non-western therapies: satisfaction with care received.
Attitudes to the future Beliefs about cure and control: ways to make things better.