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Table 3 CAM described by participants and sorted into seven CAM categories.

From: Mapping patterns of complementary and alternative medicine use in cancer: An explorative cross-sectional study of individuals with reported positive "exceptional" experiences

NCCAM CATEGORIES Total number of therapies reported Number of individuals reporting therapies
antroposophic medicine (6), homeopathy (3), traditional Chinese medicine
10 10
painting (6), music, dance, sculpturing, counselling (6), support groups, mental practice (6), relaxation techniques (2), eurythmy (3), gestalt therapy, bonitology (2), kinesiology, prayer (3), meditation-various types (9), family constellations, visualization (3), rehabilitation program, rosen method body work
50 23
aloe vera (2), angelica, antioxidants (5), apis, ayurvedic preparations, birch ash (2), blutsaft, cayenne pepper, cetraria, chalk, charchole, chinese herbal medicine, cypress, coffee enema, dendrite cell treatment (2), ecomer, edta, enzymes (2), field horsetail, fish oil, garlic (2), geranium, ginger, ginseng, helixor (2), iceland lichen, inhalation mixture-chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm, iscador (14), juniperberry, kan yang, lactase enzyme, lavender, lemon concentrate (2) lemon grass, lemon balm, linseed bandage, lycine, magnesium (2), marjoram, micro-algae, mung bean sprouts (2), new castle virus (2), nouni (2), olibanum, ozone therapy (2) quercetin, pankreon, probion, proline, proteas, radish, raw food diet, rosemary, sage (2), sandal wood, saw palmetto, selen (2), shark liver oil, silica, silymarin, silver, sodium ascorbate, sodiumselen respond selen, sulfur, supergreens, THX, valerian root, vegan diet, vitamin A, vitamin b, vitamin C (3), vitamin D, vitamin e (5), walnut supplements, wheat grass juice, yarrow, zinc (2)
115 27
acupuncture (3), chiropractic care, feldenkreis, fever baths, herbal baths, local and whole body hyperthermia (2), stretching, lymph massage (2), alternative surgical procedure, soft tissue massage
14 12
Biofield therapies: healing (10), qi gong (4), tai chi (2), yoga (3), reflexology, color therapy, homeopathic remedies (gold, arsenic, barium-iodate, viscum/mesenchym comp, conium maculatorn)
Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies: ECT-laser (3), frequency medicine (2), magnetic field therapy (3), plasma lamp therapy
35 21
A Course in Miracles-author unspecified, Bays Brandon – The Journey (2), Chopra Deepak – Perfect Health, Ehdin, Sanna – The Self-Healing Human (4), Gawler Ian – You can conquer cancer, Hamer Gerhard – The New Medicine (3), Pollak Kay – Att välja glädje [only in Swedish], Hayes Louise – no specific book, Alexander Marcus – Kvantmänniskan [in Swedish], Preben Maria – no specific book, Moss Ralph-Cancer & CAM information, Shine Betty – Mind to Mind, Siegel Bernie – Love, Medicine and Miracles (6), Sai Baba – no specific book, Simonton, Carl – Getting Well Again, Stern Bengt – Feeling bad is a good start (3), Walsch Donald – Conversations with God
31 15
Centro Antroposophico – Antroposophic center, Spain; Furusjön – Health retreat, Sweden (2); Humlegården – Alternative Clinic for cancer patients, Denmark (2); Lustgården – Rehabilitation unit for cancer patients, Sweden, Mösseberg-rehabilitation for cancer patients, Sweden (2), Vidarkliniken – Antroposophic hospital, Sweden (10), TCM hospital combining TCM and BHC, Germany
19 15
  1. Number of participants reporting a certain CAM is indicated in parentheses (if more than one).