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Figure 4

From: Protective effects of a compound herbal extract (Tong Xin Luo) on free fatty acid induced endothelial injury: Implications of antioxidant system

Figure 4

Western blot detection of TXL induced AMPK activation and Trx expression in endothelial cells. A: While TXL (0, 10, 50 and 100 (g/ml) had on effect on the protein levels of total AMPK, it significantly increased the levels of phospho-ser172-AMPK. B: Changes of Trx in endothelial cells treated with AMPK activator AICAR at increased doses. C: Effect of AMPK knockdown on Trx expression in endothelial cells treated with TXL. AMPK knockdown abolished the upregulatory effect of TXL on Trx.

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