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Table 1 Talaraich coordinates of regions activated by true acupuncture

From: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) changes and saliva production associated with acupuncture at LI-2 acupuncture point: a randomized controlled study

Cortex Left inferior frontal gyrus Right inferior frontal gyrus Left Pre Central Gyrus Right Pre Central Gyrus Left Insula Right Insula Left Middle Frontal Gyrus Right Middle Frontal Gyrus Left Post Central Gyrus Right Post Central Gyrus
X(R-L) -44(L) 44(R) - 46(L) 55(R) -46(L) 44(R) -35(L) 44(R) -60(L) 50(R)
Y(A-P) 25(A) 35(A) 6(A) -3(P) 1(A) -11(P) 40(A) 35(A) -22(P) -19(P)
Z(S-I) 4(S) 11(S) 8(S) 8(S) 12(S) 15(S) 9(S) 16(S) 26(S) 26(S)