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Table 3 Descriptive data in 43 cases undergoing CTG recordings

From: Treatments of pelvic girdle pain in pregnant women: adverse effects of standard treatment, acupuncture and stabilising exercises on the pregnancy, mother, delivery and the fetus/neonate

Mean gestational week± 33+3 (1+2)
Range gestational week± 32–37
Mean maternal age, years± 31.5 (4)
First pregnancy§ 11 (25.8)
Blood pressure before acupuncture± 117/67 (11/9)
Blood pressure after acupuncture± 117/69 (11/9)
Maternal heart rate before acupuncture± 80 (8)
Maternal heart rate after acupuncture± 79 (8)
Fetal heart rate before acupuncture± 137 (9)
Fetal heart rate after acupuncture± 136 (9)
  1. §Numbers reported with percentage of CTG group.
  2. ±Mean scores are reported with standard deviations.