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Table 5 Themes of written comment provided by respondents

From: Attitudes towards fibromyalgia: A survey of Canadian chiropractic, naturopathic, physical therapy and occupational therapy students

  Number of comments by student group
FM patients need to be educated to take control/responsibility for their recovery 1 4 2
FM patients can't tolerate the intensity of exercise supported in the literature 1   2
CAM has a large role to play in the treatment of FM* 1 2 5
I need more information on FM, or there needs to be more research on FM 1 10 7
FM patients need a mind-body/holistic/whole person approach to their assessment or rehabilitation (e.g. combinations of therapies such as exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy) 4 6 7
FM patients should be referred to multi-disciplinary pain programs 1 9  
Passive therapy breeds dependence in FM   2  
Labeling patients with FM can be harmful, as it can indoctrinate them into a disabling belief system   5  
It is critical to acknowledge FM patient's condition as they understand it, to emphasize that it's not 'all in their head'   1 2
I would not treat FM   1  
FM is part of multiple chemical sensitivity    1
  1. * The PT/OT student emphasized nutrition, the DC student's emphasized spinal manipulative therapy, and the ND student's suggested homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and nutrition
  2. CAM = complementary and alternative medicine
  3. FM = fibromyalgia
  4. PT/OT = physiotherapy or occupational therapy
  5. DC = chiropractic
  6. ND = naturopathic medicine