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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: The effect of TCM acupuncture on hot flushes among menopausal women (ACUFLASH) study: A study protocol of an ongoing multi-centre randomised controlled clinical trial

Inclusion criteria
Postmenopausal (>1 year past last menstruation)
Willing to receive acupuncture
Mean value of ≥7 hot flushes/24 hours during a time period of 7 days
Exclusion criteria
Surgical menopause
History of cancer within the past five years
Use of anticoagulant drugs
Heart valve disease
Poorly controlled hypertension
Poorly controlled hypothyroidism
Poorly controlled diabetes mellitus
Organ transplant
Mental disease
Overt drug or alcohol dependency
Inability to complete study forms
Use of HRT (Wash out period: 8 weeks for systemic and 4 weeks for local use)
Use of SSRI (Wash out period: 8 weeks)