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Table 3 Perceived Help from Sen-Sei-Ro by 782 Survey Respondents

From: Measuring perceived effects of drinking an extract of basidiomycetes Agaricus blazei murill: a survey of Japanese consumers with cancer

How much do you think that drinking "Sen-Sei-Ro" helps with the following? No help Help Great help
A. Improves my body strength to fight cancer 5 70 25
B. Improves my resistance against sickness other than cancer 10 74 16
C. Helps reduce symptoms of cancer 10 65 24
D. Helps reduce the side effects of cancer therapy 12 67 21
E. Helps with cancer treatment 10 67 24
F. Helps with improving emotional condition 9 66 25
G. Helps me spiritually to fight against cancer 6 62 31