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Figure 5

From: Oral squamous cell carcinoma proliferative phenotype is modulated by proanthocyanidins: a potential prevention and treatment alternative for oral cancer

Figure 5

Total RNA and DNA analysis of CAL 27 cells. RT-PCR performed on total RNA extracted from OSCC, CAL 27, revealed that CAL 27 did not express HPV 16-specific mRNA (A: Lane 1). Mock transfectants (A: Lane 2) also did not express HPV. HPV 16-transfected cells (A: Lane 3) expressed HPV 16; specific primers were tested using PCR and the full-length HPV 16-DNA template (A: Lane 4). Total DNA isolated from CAL 27 cells (B: Lane 1) and CAL 27-TF16 cells (B: Lane 3) demonstrated DNA alterations following PAC treatment (50 μg/mL), including a more diffuse banding pattern and lower molecular weight, possibly indicating the onset of DNA fragmentation among the treated cells (B: Lane 2, 4).

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