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Figure 4

From: MAK-4 and -5 supplemented diet inhibits liver carcinogenesis in mice

Figure 4

Western blot analysis of gap junction proteins cx26 and cx32 in mouse liver. Equal amounts of alkali-resistant membrane proteins (corresponding to 15 μg total lysate) were loaded in each lane. The same membrane was probed with anti-cx26 and anti-cx32, subsequently. Lanes: normal diet-fed (control: C); 1 d (1 day); 1 w (1 week); 1 m (1 month); 2 m (2 months);3 m (3 months) of MAK-4+5 supplemented diet. Panel A: Anti-cx26 antibody; a 21 kDa band indicates the presence of cx26 protein. Panel B: Anti-cx32 antibody; two bands of 27 kDa and 48 kDa were detected corresponding, respectively, to the monomeric and dimeric forms of the cx32 protein. Panel C: Anti-actin antibodies hybridization. Results are representative of three independent immunoblots.

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