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Table 1 General scheme of the study

From: Rat models of acute inflammation: a randomized controlled study on the effects of homeopathic remedies

    Phase A Phase B
   by cages   
   within cages by treatments    -
   Treatment administration    -
   Edema measurement   
Inflammation model    CA BL CA
Homeopathic remedies      
  dilution n. of animals studied    
   Arnica D4 71 O/I O/I -
   Apis D4 90 O/I O/I O
   Apis D30 18 - - O
   Atropa D4 72 O/I O/I -
   Hamamelis D4 72 O/I O/I -
   Lachesis D6 86 O/I O/I O
   Lachesis D30 18 - - O
   Phosphorus D6 90 O/I O/I O
   Phosphorus D30 18 - - O
Reference treatments      
Physiological solution   86 O/I O/I O
   Active comparator:      
Indomethacin   88 I/I I/I I
  1. O = oral administration
  2. I = administration through injection
  3. CA = carrageenan induced edema
  4. BL = autologous blood induced edema
  5. Each treatment group has been tested through 3 replications. In each replication 6 rats were studied. In experiment A 11 rats were excluded from the analyses because of problems with edema induction.