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Table 1 Sensitivity and specificity of the questionnaires: correlation between the interview data and the questionnaire data, n = 23 [change in questionnaire score refers to a positive change of at least the minimal important difference, as described in methods section]

From: Measuring changes in self-concept: a qualitative evaluation of outcome questionnaires in people having acupuncture for their chronic health problems

  Sensitivity (proportion of patients whose interview data does indicate changes in self-concept that show a change in questionnaire score) Specificity (proportion of patients whose interview data indicates no changes in self-concept that don't show a change in questionnaire score)
Wellbeing questionnaire, W-BQ12 66% 75%
Patient enablement instrument, PEI 80% 88%
Arizona Integrated Outcome Scale, AIOS 60% 33%
One or both of the W-BQ12 and PEI 87% 63%