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Table 1 Sample Questions Asked on Electronic Questionnaire

From: Evaluating complementary and alternative medicine interventions: in search of appropriate patient-centered outcome measures

1. Many outcome domains have been identified as important for CAM research that fall into the broad categories of biological, physical (e.g., function, pain), mental (e.g., depression, anxiety), social (e.g., role function, social support), emotional (e.g., hope) and spiritual outcomes domains.
  Are there any OTHER outcomes of CAM interventions you feel are important and should be included in CAM research (please describe)?
2. What CAM outcome measures would you like to use but have not been able to find (please describe)?
3. Common assessment criteria that are used when selecting outcome assessment tools include validity, reliability, responsiveness, relevance, burden and cost.
  Are there any OTHER assessment criteria that you use to assess measurement tools (please describe)?
4. What do you perceive to be barriers to finding outcome measures for CAM research (please describe)?