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Table 1 Description of the 18 participants of the case series at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital.

From: Homeopathy – what are the active ingredients? An exploratory study using the UK Medical Research Council's framework for the evaluation of complex interventions

Unique ID Study Name Diagnosis Age/Gender Global Outcome (GOA) Referral Initiation Previous Hom?
001 Emily IBS 37 F Major Patient No
003 Jack CFS 46 M Other Consultant No
008 Joshua IBS 65 M None Patient No
009 Ellie CFS 42 F Some Patient Yes
010 Thomas AD 6 M Some Parent No
012 Jessica AD 15 F Major Parent Yes (Mum)
013 Sophie CFS 56 F Major GP Yes
015 Chloe IBS 21 F None Nurse No
016 Lucy IBS 59 F Major Patient No
017 Olivia IBS 48 F Major Patient No
018 Charlotte CFS 27 F Some Patient No
020 James AD 4 M None Parent No
023 Katie CFS 47 F Some GP No
025 Grace AD 8 F Some Parent Yes (Mum)
027 Hannah AD 10 F Some Patient No
030 Leila CFS 60 F Major GP No
032 Lily AD 5 F Some Parent No
033 Emma IBS 46 F None GP No