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Figure 8

From: Induction of cell cycle changes and modulation of apoptogenic/anti-apoptotic and extracellular signaling regulatory protein expression by water extracts of I'm-Yunity™ (PSP)

Figure 8

Proposed mechanism of action of I'm-Yunity™ (PSP). In this model, the ability of water extracts of I'm-Yunity™ (PSP) to inhibit cell proliferation and induce apoptosis in cancer cells is hypothesized to involve multiple effects, including 1) disruption of cell cycle control machinery, 2) perturbation in apoptogenic/anti-apoptotic regulatory protein expression promoting the induction of apoptosis, 3) alteration in mitogenic signaling pathways, 4) regulation of gene expression, exemplified by suppression of cell survival transcription factor NF-κB.

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