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Figure 3

From: Induction of cell cycle changes and modulation of apoptogenic/anti-apoptotic and extracellular signaling regulatory protein expression by water extracts of I'm-Yunity™ (PSP)

Figure 3

Effects of water extracts of I'm-Yunity™ (PSP) on cellular DNA content frequency histograms showing the cell cycle phase distribution changes and induction of apoptosis in U-937 and HL-60 cells treated for 3 days of treatment with 0, 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0 mg/ml I'm-Yunity™ (PSP) are presented in panel A. Flow cytometric analysis was performed as described in Materials and Methods and results shown represent average ± SD of 2 separate experiments. Panel B. Effects of I'm-Yunity™ (PSP) on Rb expression in treated HL-60 cells. Relative changes in expression of Rb in control and days 1–3 treated cells were determined by Western blot analysis as described in Materials and Methods. The intensity of the Rb and actin immunoreactive bands was quantitated by densitometry and the actin-adjusted Rb expression levels are presented as fold differences, with the control value for each day of treatment showing as 1.

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