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Figure 1 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 1

From: Effect of a homeopathic drug, Chelidonium, in amelioration of p-DAB induced hepatocarcinogenesis in mice

Figure 1

a-m: Photomicrographs of metaphase complements showing normal set of chromosomes (la), and chromosome aberrations like break (B, 1b), acentric fragment (AF, 1c), terminal association (TA, 1d), ring (R, 1e), centric fusion and precocious centromeric separation (If), C mitosis (1g) polyploidy (1h); sperm with normal (1i), and abnormal (1j-1k) head morphology; normo- (1l), and poly- (1m) chromatic erythrocytes. Bar represents 10 μm.

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